Information Security: Primer

Identity theft, credit card fraud, account hacking...thievery in the information age.

Besides your personal information what else can be learned from your digital "footprints"?

This 2-3 hour class is intended as a introduction to personal data security with two goals:  Awareness and Action


"Big Brother", used to be a dreaded and distant future concept.  Today we freely give away information about ourselves from our cellphone habits, what we buy in the store and our likes and dislikes on social media.  Big Business, Government and Con Artists collect and study your information for all kinds of reasons (good and bad).  Even though we cannot escape watchful eyes we can, with awareness, understand and control some of our information.


We will review several industry standard tools that you can use to limit and control your information.

  • Encrypted Email
  • Encrypted Files
  • Secure and Anonymous Web Browsing
  • Alternative Operating Systems

Private and/or group classes available.  If you have a suitable location let us bring the classroom to you.

Please contact us with your questions.