I am a pretty private person by nature.  I don't know if I've adapted my father's stoic demeanor or taken to heart my mother's constant reminders about humility.  Whatever the reason, a blog is the exact opposite of what I want to do.  My reason for starting the blog is to add some depth to the projects that you might see around here.  For detailed coverage we can take it to the forum and discuss at length.  I hope you find something useful or interesting while dropping into this stream of self-consciousness.

I can't think of a better way to not talk about myself than to talk about my daughter!

For this first post I'd like to celebrate industrial strength successes.  One of the classes we offer is an Amateur Radio test prep.  While teaching a private group I got it into my head that my daughter should be subjected to the lectures.  Because she is a 5th grade level homeschooler I need to show her progress in science (in addition to math, writing and reading).  Bingo, a ham radio license should easily qualify for the science requirement.  Having Gabby in the lectures would also help debug them since most people are too polite to say, "Yer not making any sense!"

January 9th, 2016 my daughter earned her Technician license!  Way to kick off the new semester.


What a beautiful day

We'll see where this takes me but I intend to use the blogging section of this site as a guided tour of the projects, adventures and media posted on the site.